SystemiSOX Showers

Combining aesthetic design, functional performance and flexible customised fitting!

ApplicationFloor level shower - with line drain

  • Minimum height of shower board and drain 65mm.
  • Slope pre-installed from 2 sides
  • Height of the wicket adjustable to the height of the tiles.
  • Wicket can be left plain (inox), or can be finished with tiles.
  • Profile for finishing the sides to be ordered separately.

ApplicationFloor level shower - with point drain

  • With the aid of the Botament® BP Boards shower areas can be created very easily and securely.
  • Slope pre-installed from 4 sides.
  • Height of the cover adjustable to the height of the tiles.
  • Both central drains and decentral drains available.
  • Other dimensions on demand.

ApplicationThe shower drain with the pre-glued membrane. For a barrier-free shower.

  • 100% watertight because of the pre-glued collar.
  • The very low built-in height of only 54 mm.
  • With installation molds for a fast and accurate installation.
  • Removable drain.
  • Three different lengths: 700mm, 800mm and  900mm.
  • Both available with a core of Stainless Steel or a Synthetic material.
  • Different covers available for finishing from 3mm up to 30mm.

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iSOX wet room solutions have the capabilities to offer a total wet room solutions package provicting high quality, value added, innovative building systems that are fast safe, easy to install and totally waterproof.

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